Der Blogtausch beginnt – meet Camie

So, nun geht es also los. Die nächsten Tage tauschen wir nicht nur Land sondern auch Blogs. Somit dürft ihr euch bis zum 17. Juni über eine Reise quer durch Deutschland mit Camie freuen – und wie sie unser Land, unsere Küche und uns Deutschen erlebt. Ich bin schon soooo gespannt.

Ihre Reise bringt sie nach München, Berlin und Köln – kulinarisch übersetzt Weisswurst, Currywurst und Döner?

Ihr könnt in den nächsten Tagen einfach die Blogbeiträge ins deutsche übersetzen – oder die Chance zum auffrischen der englisch Kentnisse nutzen?



Für die nächsten 10 Tage findet ihr meine Eindrücke aus den Philippinen bei Camie !

Bühne frei für Camie – a warm welcome to my exchange partner Camie. Have fun, enjoy & experience the food, the culture, the landscape – be a part of it!


A few facts about me?
1. I love to dye my hair different colors, in the past month I’ve had silver, light blue, mint green, pastel lavender, and my current hair color: Old Rose
2. If I eat too much salty food, I crave for sweets right after.
3. I love how antique/vintage shops feel, there’s just so much history in one place.
4. I believe in the kindness of strangers, and the good in every single person.
5. My favorite era in architecture would have to be Baroque and Rococo, and recently have fallen in love with Art Deco and the 20’s!

Where have I been before?
I’ve been to neighbouring countries of the Philippines: Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and hopefully would go to Bangkok at the end of the year as well!

My fave food?
My ultimate favorite cuisine would have to be Japanese, because I never tire of it… But I’m a foodie at heart and so my food tastes are quite versatile!

My passion?
I think I’m expected to say Fashion because that’s my major in college… But I’d have to say it is definitely Blogging. I’ve been continually doing it for 10 years. If that isn’t passion, then I don’t know what is!

What are I’m excited about during the BBE?
What made me join BBE was definitely their concept. I’m such a believer in the written word as a way of opening the eyes of others, especially through blogging. Also, I’m excited about actually going out there and experiencing a culture completely different from my own, all the while learning that hey, we’re not so different despite our different cultures! I’ve never traveled on my own before, so this would definitely be a first… And to have it in such a big country is quite scary! But I’ve got some support, so that’s a little relieving. I have to admit, this trip for me is so much more than just opening the eyes of others, but it’s also opening my own eyes as to the world out there.

How I picture Germany and the Germans?
I will admit, I first knew about Germany when I was learning about World War II in school… And so whenever Germany was mentioned, the first that would come to mind was the Nazi history and the strong people. Over the years, as I grew older, I learned a little more along the way. I found Germany to be a country of great and rich culture, the land of the best tasting beer, and Germans to be “scary” people but actually really aren’t! I think it might just be the language and the way it is spoken that gives people the wrong impression And I can’t wait to learn more, there’s definitely a difference from learning from what you read and learning from experience!

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  1. Ich auch!!!! Echt eine tolle und spannende Sache. Wünsche dir ganz viel Spaß, tolle Menschen auf dem Weg und fantastisches Essen:)

  2. ich stand echt auf dem Schlauch. Dass es hier um einen echten Blogtausch geht, so mit Hin- und Herfliegen, habe ich erst kapiert, als ich Deine Meldungen auf Instagram sah. – Hammer! Total coole Idee! Ich wünsche Euch ganz viel Spaß!

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